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I began capturing moments in life 11 years ago and I cannot wait to see where the next 10+ years take me of this amazing journey. People say you will always remember those great moments in life, well, the truth is parts of those memories will slip away. That is why I love being behind the camera, capturing those precious moments to keep your story alive.

I have had the opportunity to take photos for those new little wonders, growing families, the teenager ready to make their mark on the world and the new chapter in life that starts it all, Weddings. I am excited to be taking a new direction, while I love capturing all these moments and will continue to do so in the background, Weddings have always been my favorite. So...future brides, I am going to specialize in Weddings. It feels great saying that. From stepping into your dress, to saying "I do", to the first dance as husband and wife, we will make those memories last forever for you.

I like knowing as much as I can about my couples before the Wedding. I do not want to be strangers on the biggest day of your life. With that being said, here is a little insight to this crazy blonde...

My family is my everything. I am not a morning person. I eat ice cream straight from the carton. Hoodie and sweats are my go to. Heights and me do not mix well. Oh, and the best...I love LOVE, every bit of it!

With that being said, I cannot wait to meet you, work with you and make memories with you!